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Pigion zazzle T-shirt design

that's right, I made a t-shirt design on Zazzle! I thought I'd share with all my blogger friends and followers, and I'd also like to ask for some help. I'd like to brainstorm some tags for this. so far I have a few simple ones: Pigions, Photography, Poetry, and Philosophical. I'm not sure it could be called philosophical or not, but that's what I got.  I'm not sure if people would look for poetry on a t-shirt, but I guess that's where I'm putting this poem I wrote. it's called "Pigions in the Yard" "Yard full of bounty, Peck and scratch the soil, No cares for tomarrow. Today you work and toil, Tomarrow enjoy your spoil."
tell me what you think!

my Redbubble has been updated

ok so today I took a little bit of time to update my redbubble account with a few new photos. I added some photos of pigions. 5 photos to be exsact.  the photos are from when we were living off ramsey st, but I edited them just 2 days ago. added color saturation and croped out the background and generally fixed them up some. don't know what it will bring but I'm planing on doing the same to my other photo printing sites. Diviantart, threadless, zazzle.... all of which have a system for making prints of photos, allowing a photographer the ability to sell the photographs and recieve a minimal markup for taking and in some cases editing a photo. hoping my photography has improved enough to maybe sell some prints, t shirts, hats and things, cause I could really use the extra $$ right about now!!! the photos you see here are just a few that I have done.