Saturday, June 25, 2011

JennFamousArt Artfire studio store inventory expantion

I have a studio store on Artfire, an online marketplace, called JennFamousArt.  I am in the process of building up and expanding JennFamousArt's inventory.  My first goal is to reach an expanded inventory of 100 items. Working from a home studio which is cramped and nothing more than a fold out chair, a tv dinner table, and a laundry basket with a lid which serves double duty, stores my supplies, and I put the paints I'm currently using on top for easy access and reach. I paint figurines, or watercolor paintings from photographs I've taken over the years.  I then take photos of my work, and with my camera and small laptop computer in hand, I walk or ride my bycycle, or the bus to the library so I can go online to expand JennFamousArt's shop listings on Artfire.  If this Artfire shop, JennFamousArt, is interesting to you and you would like to help with my studio and store expantion efforts feel free to Shop or

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Search engine optimization.

First you have to know what you want to do. For me that's not all that easy, but at the same time it's not difficult. I've always known I want to be an artist, and I've always loved to paint.

Next you brainstorm keywords that relate to what you want to do. Paint pictures, Artistry, color, murals. Those should be good, but the more specific you can get the better. I like animals and painting them is fun. I especially love wildlife, including squirils, chipmunks, deer, rabbits, Canadian Geese, and ducks, so those might be better keywords for me.

now that you have a list of keywords, you have a vocabulary assignment. Just like in grade school when you had to use each (keyword) in a sentance, only this time come up with several sentances, and use the (keyword) in different forms too.

Canadian geese remind me of home. When I was young the geese used to gather by the hundreds every year before they migrated south. I suppose Canadians would say the same thing, because the Canadian Geese live throughout the whole region from alaska's west cost to Canada's east and they all migrate to southern regions where it's not so cold in winter.

Notice how I've repeated my keywords both together as one keyword and separate as individual keywords. I get more points in the seach engines for that! I could posibly have used different names for the same animal, but I don't get as many ponts to boost my search engine ranking. If I vary the keywords, even if I'm staying on subject, google wont know! The most google search can do with keywords is tell that canada and canadian are similar in subject matter and so both give me points. If i were to call the geese by their scientific name only once, that keyword would not boost my ranking as much. If I were to use it instead of the other keywords, and just as often, I would get the same points for the keyword usage, but who searches with the scientific name? So it is best to use a common name, like Canadian or Brown geese. (I happen to like Canadian Geese as the term because it's what I'm used to)

Now since I've stuffed this entire post full of keywords totally off the subject at hand - Google search engine optimization - how about a picture of some Canadian geese to liven your day! Enjoy and don't stress SEO too much, it's always changing anyway!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

“It’s story time” From Artfire Threads Date: March 15, 2010

Once upon a time there was a lovely lady called Gertrude and a wonderful man called Bert: Bert & Gert, they lived out in the countryside in a little cottage much like in the Hansel & Grettle stories. It was a beautiful spring morning and Bert woke up Gert with her usual cup of Earl Grey tea, Bert threw open the bedroom curtains and he saw.........
the flowers were in bloom and the birds were singing!
then he noticed something strange in the field....
Bert put on his coat and hat told Gert where he was going. Then headed out to see what was in the field
Burt opened the front door and was greeted by the smell of a fresh day. He began to walk towards the strange figure in the distance.
Bert could only walk slow with a cane, by the time he got up to the mysterious man, he had vanished
The lush grass was a spongy carpet beneath his feet. It gave him a feeling of walking on air, as he closed in on his object of focus...
The figure was wearing a dark hood. It was walking away as Burt approached.
he discovered a Fairy with light and delicate wings fluttering about...then he noticed the deep and large black hole........
But it was too late, his cane stuck on the moss covered ground and he fell in.
Gert heard his cry in the distance and rushed to the window but could not see him.
"Gasp" I wonder what I should do??
Running down the stairs Gert was almost out the door before she realized she was naked. Back up the stanna stair life she went to get dressed. Back down again and out the door she headed in the direction of the scream
She had forgotten her glasses and tripped over a branch that had fallen...
A bit shaken she got up and dusted herself off. She squinted and peered in the distance, near where she thought she had heard Bert.
Seeing nothing, she blindly ran.
But again she stumbled, knocking her left shoe of and falling to her knees. As she got up and dusted herself off, she saw a little boy standing next to her.
he urged her to follow him through the fog that had suddenly come about them..
in the fog she could barely see...
that the little boy had now become an iguana, who was leading her into a cave. Becoming frightened, Gert shouted, "Help!", "Help Me!"
But no one heard her as they went deeper into the cave...
Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Beauregard, their faithful hound dog went downstairs looking for his breakfast. Seeing that the door was open he sniffed the morning air and immediately knew what had happened: Bert and Gert had gone off alone, leaving Beauregard with no other choice but to follow their scent and find them.
Beauregard, being so short and pump, headed out into the field with his nose to the ground.
following the scent of his beloved owners he comes across....
Beauregard came across a cloth bag. It had the scent of..
fairy dust and golden wings.
Then Beauregard sneezed, scattering the fairy dust and golden wings all over the ground.
And when the dust cleared this old hound dog couldn't believe his eyes, A tiny little fairy just like he saw on tv the other night , in that old movie Peter Pan
the Hound Dog explained to the fairy what he was searching for...and could the good fairy help him ???
the fairy told Beauregard the his masters were.........
to be found down the big mole hole, and if he wanted to see them and help them out he had to go down the mole hole too.
Beauregard didn't like the idea of going down in the hole but he loved his masters, so down he went...
he thought he could crawl down , but the hole turned out to be too steep and as he inched himself in he found himself falling..
Down into the abyss he fell, farther and deeper. Then suddenly.....
Whuump! He hit the bottom, and he saw stars, now he thought these stars were like the ones he saw before when he hit the fence chasing the postman but these stars were different...
These weren't stars at all! These were more fairies!
The fairies danced above him in a shimmering display of yellows, greens and pinks.
Looking around he could not see his masters but a small rounded figure came towards him.
Who is it? What is it? He just couldn't figure it out...
Beauregard sniffed the air and decided whatever it was, it wasn't edible, which was too bad because he was really getting hungry. On the other hand, maybe this thing had some food with him or better yet, knew where Gert and Bert were.
In frustration Beauregard started to chase his tail
All of a sudden the figure was in front of him it was a teeny man dressed in green from head to toe. Beau stopped chasing his tail and the Man spoke...
"Top of the Mornin to ya' Beau." Beau shook his head fairies and now a Leprechaun.
He really must of hit his head in the fall. But how was he gonna find Gert and Bert, and he was getting hungrier.

the leprechaun told him for his loyalty to his masters he would get one wish, but to choose it wisely, for it could not be undone. Beau thought and though, and with a sigh said, Mr Leprechaun, I can not think of a good wish, I thank you kindly for the offer, but I wondered if you could help me find my masters, and help them if you please.

the leprechaun contemplated Beau’s request for a moment, then he pulled out of his pocket some food for the starving dog...and then he said to Beau because you did not think of your self but of your masters.........

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google Search 101 - a computer class at the Library

so today I went to the library for a computer class entitled "Google 101" where I picked up some google search tips I thought might be interesting to share what I learned and a few tips on how to apply them to Art, and an artists online shop.
First I will list the tips with some exsamples of how to use them for art searches.   then I will give some ways they could be applied to artists shops.
  • " " quotation marks - use these for exsact phrase searches like "North Carolina" or "Fine Art Painting" they work particularly well if you're searching for a particular work of art  "Madonna and Child" or "The Last Supper"
  • + plus sign - use this to make sure a word is included in the search results. 
  • - minus sign -- use this when a word has more than one meaning,
  • OR - by inserting an uppercase "or" between two terms you can search for pages with either of the terms  -- Fine art dragons wall OR 2D  -- dragon figurines OR miniatures
  • ~  tilde sign (located left of 1 on qwerty keyboard) -- used for searching using synonyms  ~craft shows ~figurine collectibles
using this info to apply to an artist's online shop might be somewhat self explanitory, but here are some of my ideas.
  1. use quotations around the title of a particular work / peice "Life's Brutality" or "Self Portrait of an Artist" every time it is mentioned - in your blog - in the item description - on social media sites - etc.
  2. when you are mentioning a sorce of inspiration for a particular item such as "Micky Mouse" or "My Little Poney" also use quotations around them. (not only good grammer, but calls google's attention to the "phrase" rather than single search terms.
  3. when there is more than one commonly searched term that applies use both terms near the begining of the item description and then continue to use one or the other. ex Wall art, 2D art  2D drawing, 2D design, etc (sentence format of course) use Wall art on the next item to create ranking for your shop.
  4. use the thesarus to come up with synonyms, and use a few of the more common ones in the begining of your description, and repeat one or two through out. you can also alternate between them on every item where they apply.