Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: Bunny and Mavis, Bestest Friends

Hi! I’m Bunny, and I get to tell you about myself.  First of all, on what my mom said, I love playing the Drums. What she didn’t say is that I’m a metal head, I love heavy metal. Of course I have to get help from Joe to play with the Double bass as I’m rockin’ the snare and cymbals. When everyone found out about my musical preference, the look on their faces was priceless, I mean just the shock and awe all around puts a smile on my face.  The energy and stamina of youth plays a minor part in my ability to beat the heads….. Drum heads of course, heh heh… but what really is needed is the want, the passion, the fire. The absolute desire to play. If your flame is little more than a lit match, then it’s like “eh…” but if you’ve got a bonfire that could scorch the devil himself, stamina comes in truck loads.
I think that’s enough about my drumming, now about me.  I was named Bunny for a couple reasons, one is I was born near Easter, not to mention the Bunny ears on my head…. Ha ha… My mom, Becky, loves me and cares for me, and so does my dad, George.

What about your awesome bestest friend? You know, me?

I wasn't forgetting you. That was Mavis from the movie “Hotel Transylvania” I mean how cool is it to have a movie star for a best friend? Joe got the movie for Jenn and Mavis came with it. We all watched the movie together and absolutely loved it. She enjoys watching me play the drums and listening to pretty much the same kind of music as me. She also likes Gothic Rock. Of course, right? She is the daughter of Dracula. If you haven’t seen the movie, we highly recommend it. It’s a good family flick
Well, that’s pretty much it about me. Have a good one and Rock On!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: Becky's Daughter, Bunny Introduced

Hi! it's Becky again. Yeah, not everyone's had a chance to speak, but as my daughter Bunny is having some difficulty getting her thoughts together about what she want's to say, we've all talked about it, and decided I could tell a little about her, and she could correct me, and build upon my introduction of her.  Also some of the others may be introduced like this.--
hunh.... - what can I say about Bunny?... she very energetic that is for sure - And musical!! Drums of all things. - it's good she's got energy - maybe even hyper - not sure, I'm just sayin'. - the energy does come in handy for her though 'cause Joe’s – he’s Jenn’s hubby – his drum set is very large in comparison to my Bunny – so she really has to move around and very quickly to be able to hit the high hat and the snare and the toms. It’s all so complicated – she can tell you more about them.
Let me just say all that movement reminds me of the energy it takes to move around a group of maybe 5-7 main trees surrounding a small campsite in about 30 seconds.  Both build momentum and start slow at first, but only the fastest and brightest can do it. – We used to have contests and tournaments; my best time is about 36.254 seconds and I have the advantage of a long tail! – Best way I can figure it is bunny got some extra strength from dear old Dad…. – he is a gorilla after all! (Well that and youth)
I think she can take it from here, but I just want to say – she makes me proud!