Stuffed Animal Collection: Becky's Daughter, Bunny Introduced

Hi! it's Becky again. Yeah, not everyone's had a chance to speak, but as my daughter Bunny is having some difficulty getting her thoughts together about what she want's to say, we've all talked about it, and decided I could tell a little about her, and she could correct me, and build upon my introduction of her.  Also some of the others may be introduced like this.--
hunh.... - what can I say about Bunny?... she very energetic that is for sure - And musical!! Drums of all things. - it's good she's got energy - maybe even hyper - not sure, I'm just sayin'. - the energy does come in handy for her though 'cause Joe’s – he’s Jenn’s hubby – his drum set is very large in comparison to my Bunny – so she really has to move around and very quickly to be able to hit the high hat and the snare and the toms. It’s all so complicated – she can tell you more about them.
Let me just say all that movement reminds me of the energy it takes to move around a group of maybe 5-7 main trees surrounding a small campsite in about 30 seconds.  Both build momentum and start slow at first, but only the fastest and brightest can do it. – We used to have contests and tournaments; my best time is about 36.254 seconds and I have the advantage of a long tail! – Best way I can figure it is bunny got some extra strength from dear old Dad…. – he is a gorilla after all! (Well that and youth)
I think she can take it from here, but I just want to say – she makes me proud!


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