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Giving Thanks

OK, so this post doesn't have a picture, or anything really neat to link to. it's just a really sweet story of my thanksgiving holiday.  the story starts a bit before the holiday with a little background info. so here goes my attempt at a story, (be warned you may cry both sad and happy tears with me on this one)

It was Tuesday morning, 2 weeks before thanksgiving, and I was scheduled for an 8:30am appointment to "Donate" Plasma (what I do for quick cash) and I get a phone call from the hubby.  It was about 8am, and he's explaining to me that he's at McDonalds. Why? What happened? He got pulled over. When? In the parking lot? For what? The Plates. Huh? what do you mean the plates I thought we were good on them. Aren't they antique? (it was a misconception about not having to renew the plates ... because of the vehicle being antique or something I thought we sorted out last year) Anyway, so we talked for like 15 minutes about what had happened, why it happ…

A Friend I Met @ Etsy


 So I've been Working this past week on my brand new Team "Jenns of Etsy" and one of the first members to Join Jenphan has become my good friend. I wanted to introduce her to you! Her name is Jennie, (see photo on Left) and she is an amazing crochet artist.  She learned from her mom over summer in High School. 
She is now working on her BA in Child and Adolescent Development and she takes her Crochet with her to class (working between note taking and class work of course). One of her friends gave her the nick name "The Crocheting Machine", probably cause of taking her Crochet to class! lol (I've no room to talk I've taken my Knitting to the Plasma Center when I go to Donate!) you can tell she's passionately enjoying her Crochet work, from how she hasn't put her Crochet hook down since she picked up the "hobby" again last Christmas eve!  I definitely think the name fits! and what an excellent Business Name it's made!

Reminders of Home: An Etsy Feature


This week I had been feeling a little home sick, (yeah I know insert "awww" here), so when I was on my etsy just doing some "Social Networking" I poked around a bit to see if anyone had anything to look at and remind me of home (Alaska), and then I saw this! A buddy from etsy chat Aromalite made this. She said the idea sorta just came to her. She loves Christmas - who doesn't!  And I guess it just so happens that Christmas and Alaska have some things in common! Pine trees! Raindeer! Snow! Snowmen! (yeah I put snow Men plural!!! that's because even if everyone doesn't have one in the yard with the first snow fall - yes they do melt in summer! most people especially those with young kids have them by mid december! so that means there are more than one! as for Santa, and the North Pole, well, I'm not sure what others believe about the Santa bit, but the North Pole is the name of a town  slightly south east of Fairbanks, and one of the mountains in…

Picking Flowers over Sports

This is me way way back when.  I wasn't much into sports, and my parents tell me that I picked flowers on the soccer feild too.  playing sports (except with already established friends) has never really been my thing.  I recently found a use for the sports page of the newspaper, (I previously believed it to be completely useless - lol) making paper mache! I've created a few things with that dreaded sports page, the best of which (so far) is a small litte which head decoration for holloween.  lately my time has been being used reminissing on fb, going through my sisters albums (on her page) and looking at all the new pics she's posted from a stash my dad has of old photos. (she scanned them).  it's been bringing back a ton of memories and this is just one of them.... flowers are just so much better than sports!!!! cept maybe swimming!