Picking Flowers over Sports

This is me way way back when.  I wasn't much into sports, and my parents tell me that I picked flowers on the soccer feild too.  playing sports (except with already established friends) has never really been my thing.  I recently found a use for the sports page of the newspaper, (I previously believed it to be completely useless - lol) making paper mache! I've created a few things with that dreaded sports page, the best of which (so far) is a small litte which head decoration for holloween.  lately my time has been being used reminissing on fb, going through my sisters albums (on her page) and looking at all the new pics she's posted from a stash my dad has of old photos. (she scanned them).  it's been bringing back a ton of memories and this is just one of them.... flowers are just so much better than sports!!!! cept maybe swimming!

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