Giving Thanks

OK, so this post doesn't have a picture, or anything really neat to link to. it's just a really sweet story of my thanksgiving holiday.  the story starts a bit before the holiday with a little background info. so here goes my attempt at a story, (be warned you may cry both sad and happy tears with me on this one)

It was Tuesday morning, 2 weeks before thanksgiving, and I was scheduled for an 8:30am appointment to "Donate" Plasma (what I do for quick cash) and I get a phone call from the hubby.  It was about 8am, and he's explaining to me that he's at McDonalds. Why? What happened? He got pulled over. When? In the parking lot? For what? The Plates. Huh? what do you mean the plates I thought we were good on them. Aren't they antique? (it was a misconception about not having to renew the plates ... because of the vehicle being antique or something I thought we sorted out last year) Anyway, so we talked for like 15 minutes about what had happened, why it happened, and what to do about it.  we were already unsure of how we were going to come up with the $125 deposit to turn on our gas heat.  I was figuring on using my plasma money, and saving for two weeks or so.  needless to say, I missed my donation that day.  and the hubby walked to a friends house.  he spent most of the day over there, while the friend tried to wake up (friend works night shift with hubby) Finally he's able to wake up, and take hubby to our car, and follow him home (so he doesn't get pulled again) On top of the plates issue, which was about $150 we were notified of a laps of insurance.  Also at the beginning of this month, (because the paycheck doesn't always come before the 6th) we were notified that an eviction notice would be filed. at first that didn't seem like a huge deal because we were only lacking (according to the deal we had previously made but not in writing) only a couple hundred. wrong again! about a week before the holiday we got the sheriff's note with an amount of around $700 owed (close to 2 months rent!)  OK, now this is a real emergency, it's time to go to that emergency fund. we sat down and discussed all the issues at length, and came to the conclusion that there really was no way around it, we would have to use some of that "emergency" money.  So we went to the bank, the Thursday before thanksgiving.  And here's the kicker, our account was frozen, because of some hacker.... (apparently a lot of accounts had this happen).  I'm not telling all this for pity, it's to give an idea of how stressed and uncertain I was.  My fear that not only would there be no money for the traditional extra food for this time of year  (like a $25 turkey and all the trimmings that go with, but we would have the very real risk of loosing a place to stay.  well a week of networking at work, and hubby gets one of his coworkers to loan him the $ for the plates on the car, and we get the insurance sorted out. so the day before Thanks Giving we were able to get a temporary plate so we could drive our vehicle.  I was already thanking God for this small miracle.... (it was hard for hubby to get to and from work, and I was worrying about that because he was starting to get sick from riding his bike in the cold a few times he couldn't get rides.) never would I imagine that on top of that and given till Dec 7 to work something out w/ land lord) - we're getting the deal in writing this time! but shortly before hubby had to go to work that night, one of the ladies from my church (we hadn't been going for a while because of schedule conflicts) dropped by out of the blue with a feast fit for a king and Queen! to give you an idea of how much stuff there was, well it was so much that I would make that much food last at least one month, and try to stretch it to 2 if possible.  there was a 12lb turkey, a bunch of apples and oranges, stuffing, celery, canned vegetables, onions, 18 eggs, a pineapple (fresh), ... lots of food!! when I saw what she had brought for us, I cried!! I was a blubbering mess of Gratitude! I hugged her, more than once I think. I don't know what she thought of how happy and excited crying mess I was, but I can tell you, after a turkey and stuffing feast, and then turkey and dumpling feasting following that... (there's still some dumplings left too by the way)  I have been thanking God for all that has been given to me and my family every day since. It has been a wonderful change from Ramen and maybe some veggies mixed in for variety, or PB & J sandwiches. God is good, I never forgot it, but now I don't feel so much like he had forgotten us. Thank you Sister for Listening to his voice, and remembering us, not just in your prayers, but in your deeds as well.  That there were more like you in the world! I will never forget your Kindness!

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