Reminders of Home: An Etsy Feature

Christmas in a Tin - Happy Holidays
Christmas in a Tin - ?reminds me of home!!!
This week I had been feeling a little home sick, (yeah I know insert "awww" here), so when I was on my etsy just doing some "Social Networking" I poked around a bit to see if anyone had anything to look at and remind me of home (Alaska), and then I saw this! A buddy from etsy chat Aromalite made this. She said the idea sorta just came to her. She loves Christmas - who doesn't!  And I guess it just so happens that Christmas and Alaska have some things in common! Pine trees! Raindeer! Snow! Snowmen! (yeah I put snow Men plural!!! that's because even if everyone doesn't have one in the yard with the first snow fall - yes they do melt in summer! most people especially those with young kids have them by mid december! so that means there are more than one! as for Santa, and the North Pole, well, I'm not sure what others believe about the Santa bit, but the North Pole is the name of a town  slightly south east of Fairbanks, and one of the mountains in Nome, AK is named Christmas Mountain.  Since I to Love Christmas... I can't help but think the two are very simmilar..... even if the penquins aren't quite as big a thing they do sorta remind me of Puffins, which are a big thing (both black and white, both kinda fat) The scents which Aromalite has included really made my mouth water for home!!! Especially the Christmas Tree (a pine smell - and I grew up with a pine forrest/ park behind my house "Lions park") and Christmas Eve which is Aromalite's favorate because it has a little bit of everything, pine cinnamon, gingerbread. Really puts you in the holiday mood..... or really gives you a sense of home, if you're like me.... I could just close my eyes and imagine.... the other Two scents Gingerbread, and First snow really seal the deal making this collection pefect for Christmas (or in my case home). After looking at this and doing this sort of mini review, which I've worked on for a few days now, my homesickness from earlier in the week is cured!! Thanks Aromalite!

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