Friday, August 30, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: George collects Flowers

Hello, George again. It has been a while. Some of you have problably seen me gathering flowers. And no, I’m not Gay! My wife loves them, and you know I really love my wife. She has some exotic tastes, and get’s board with the local flowers all the time, so yeah, as a special treet, and a way of showing her my undying affection, I will travel long distances to collect a bundle of exotic flowers for her supper. It always makes her so happy. I love to see her happy.

There I go talking about my beautiful wife again. Um so anyway, my interests, that’s what you wanted to know about right? Ok, well, I do enjoy exploring caves, weird for a gorilla, but some of the caves I’ve been in were hard to get to, and it required great strength. Once I scaled a cliff to get to a cave that was hundreds of feet up! There was a ledge, and a rock blocking it, well a bolder really, but I could see there was a cave, so to satisfy curiosity, and give me a challenge of strength, I climbed up, with no real Idea how heavy the bolder would be. It was bigger than I was, but I moved it. And I found some flowers I’d never seen before in that cave. Do not ask me how they were growing in there, because I’m no scientist so I do not have a clue. I brought some back to Becky, and she said that it was the best tasting meal she’d had in a very long time. Very intriguing taste, and rare delightful smell.

She asked me where I got them, and when I told her, she looked at me with such awe and admiration of my strength and tenacity at climbing all that way, and then moving a huge rock, … she said she loved me. That is all the encouragement I need. For our anniversary, I plan to take her up there to show her the cave. Maybe then, she can tell you how the flowers and other plants are growing up there.

That’s all I’ve got for now. George of Sher Con’s Jungle Signing off.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: E=mc2? - Einstein

e=mc^2 Do you know who said that? It was Einstein, the Genius I am named for. I’m smart, but not quite that smart. I love to learn new things, and enjoy visiting art and history museums.

My favorite time of year is February - March, and let me tell you why. In Alaska there is a special race every year to commemorate the heroics of my ancestors. In that time, the most reliable form of transportation (in Alaska) was dog sled. It kept us employed at least! It was hard work, and the dogs on a team didn’t always get along perfectly, but they were mostly treated fair: A place to sleep, good food, and if the Man-employer had a family plenty of love from his older children.

One year in the dead of winter there was an outbreak of Diphtheria in Nome Alaska. It was January 22, 1925, when a doctor by the name of Welch sent two radio telegrams, one to alert all major towns in Alaska of the outbreak, and one to the us public health service in Washington, D.C. telling of his urgent need for antitoxin. When a dog relay was suggested, my ancestors’ man-employer, Leonhard Seppala was chosen for a 630 mile round trip run from Nome to Nulato and back.

Because of 20yr record lows across the Alaskan interior, Edward Wetzler called for all of the best Man-employer sled teams to join the relay, and travel day and night so they could quickly get the medicine to Leonhard’s team at Nulato. Because of this, many dogs of my breed have heroic ancestors who were part of the relay to save Nome. – like me many still have cousins, and siblings, or they themselves still participate in the Iditarod race in memory of all those heroic huskies.

And that is why I love this very cold time of year: Because of all the celebration of heroic deeds of Man, and his best friend – Dog.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: Vinny (a mouse)

Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help! Help! My name is Vinny, and I’m trapped in a house with 3 cats trying to eat me! What’s worse, the people laugh! They’re encouraging the cats!

One time I was minding my own business, hiding under the dresser, and I see this huge hand coming at me, it was too fast for me to get away. I closed my eyes with fright! After she took me by my tail and started dangling me, I opened my eyes and found myself hanging right in front of Magick – the all black female cat. Jenn was trying to feed me to her!

At other times either Magick or her sister Spike will find me in a corner of the living room, and carry me – in their mouths – all the way through the house to the dining room. They say food belongs in this room and not the other.

That’s all I am to these cats! Food! I wouldn’t have survived this long if it were not for cats always playing with their food. They play and I escape. But I can’t seem to get out of the house, and someone always finds me again!

I wish I could go back to pet smart, where I have friends. Occasionally a cat would come by, but most of the time my friends and I were safe, and comfortable in our little “Cat Toy” bin.

I didn’t know then the meaning of the label on the bin. If I had, I would have run, and hid under a shelf somewhere, or maybe found my way to the garbage. At least then I wouldn’t end up EATEN!