Stuffed Animal Collection: Vinny (a mouse)

Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help! Help! My name is Vinny, and I’m trapped in a house with 3 cats trying to eat me! What’s worse, the people laugh! They’re encouraging the cats!

One time I was minding my own business, hiding under the dresser, and I see this huge hand coming at me, it was too fast for me to get away. I closed my eyes with fright! After she took me by my tail and started dangling me, I opened my eyes and found myself hanging right in front of Magick – the all black female cat. Jenn was trying to feed me to her!

At other times either Magick or her sister Spike will find me in a corner of the living room, and carry me – in their mouths – all the way through the house to the dining room. They say food belongs in this room and not the other.

That’s all I am to these cats! Food! I wouldn’t have survived this long if it were not for cats always playing with their food. They play and I escape. But I can’t seem to get out of the house, and someone always finds me again!

I wish I could go back to pet smart, where I have friends. Occasionally a cat would come by, but most of the time my friends and I were safe, and comfortable in our little “Cat Toy” bin.

I didn’t know then the meaning of the label on the bin. If I had, I would have run, and hid under a shelf somewhere, or maybe found my way to the garbage. At least then I wouldn’t end up EATEN!

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