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Friday Funday Introduced

When I first started this blog, I guess I really didn't have much of a direction other than I wanted to talk about art, and my life as an artist and crafts person. - The people I've met, or anything else that could be of some interest to the creative world. My goals in this have been two fold - First to provide my readers with interesting and or entertaining material to read with their morning orange Juice - since I hate coffee! - Sorry had to throw that in there. And second to gennerate traffic that may or may not provide a small - very small infact - income for myself and my family. I am after all a typical "Starving Artist" - A lucky one who always has a full belly thanks to a wonderful hubby who works to pay the bills.    In the interests of being able to write more blogs for my readers, I have come up with Friday Funday, the second part of a two part blog.  The first part on my facebook FanPageNotes is Work Wednesday, and is about the Business side - Planning, M…

Believe in Yourself - a poem/song I'm working on writing

You're down on your luck today
babe it hurts when you get this way
you say you're no good
if you only would

believe in yourself like I do
maybe you'd see
All that you could be

you could fly to the stars
swim across the ocean
climb to the top yeah
the top of the world

dig deep babe, it's in your destiny
you can make your dreams reality

Believe in yourself the way I do
and you will see
All that you will be

You will fly to the stars
swim yeah swim across the ocean
Climb up, up to the top
the top of the world
Yeah the top with me
come up top with me
Just believe like me