Friday, July 19, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: Sher Con The Great!

Loyal Subjects:

Greetings from the king! Sher Con the great! –Applause--

I have been quite busy lately, but I have finally found some time to write to you, my loyal subjects. – a lot has happened in this great kingdom, Becky and Jenn have been driving everyone crazy – almost as crazy as they are – with their flower mania! The whole jungle is in bloom, and they’ve gotten it in their heads to draw every flower! Ahh!!! It’s madness! I’ve been running around behind them trying to convince everyone they mean no harm and that if they’ll just bear with it for a little while, the peace and tranquility will return.

On top of that entire ruckus, Chi Chi, a leopard cub, is in need of some mentoring for kingship. It is a sacred trust all felines have to be a good and wise king in our jungles, and as Chi Chi was lost, and wandered into my Jungle, I must be a good example, and teach him kingly ways. –

What else? Oh yeah, spring as most of you know is a time when all the animals sing their songs of love. – So George has been showing Becky love by bringing her flowers. – And it hasn’t been going over too well with everyone. Thankfully he has kingly qualities too, so no one is upset with him. – they’re just more frustrated with Becky – they think she’s being spoiled – I mean she goes traipsing the whole jungle with Jenn drawing every flower they see, and when she gets home every night he’s there with another flower for her to eat?! Come on!

Every so often Bunny, Joe, and Mavis plan a rock party, and that cools everybody off. If It were not for those awesome parties I never would have gotten away to write! If you haven’t been I recommend you check it out!

Be prosperous my people!

PS To all the ladies out there – Your king seeks love too! – Please visit me in my grove and we’ll make music together!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuffed Animal Collection: A letter to the King

Dear Sher Con,

You have thought me crazy because I view you as a cuddly kitty. You want me to see you as Ferocious. I am sorry, but I don’t. You are honorable, strong, courageous, kingly, and able to deal out just punishments to those who break Jungle law.

All these are good things, but they do not make me afraid of you. I respect you for them but I don’t have a reason to fear you. I know you’d not harm any who’ve not broken jungle law. I have always respected and honored the law of the Jungle.

I once watched a movie, called The Ghosts in the darkness. It was based in Africa – away from the Jungles on the plains. Two lions broke Jungle law. They hunted for sport, and as a pair. They were … possessed. There was no king to put them in their place. – Devils they were called by my kind. – Finally there was one of my kind called to aid in killing these brothers, these feline Devils. They were the definition of ferocious, and not in a good way. After witnessing the slaughter of so many of my kind, I cannot look at ferociousness in a good way. Besides – I think you possess every quality – except maybe fear – that the heroes of my kind who dealt justice in the end possess.

I have a heart full of compassion, so could never look at an honorable king like you with anything but love. And I know you love your people so I am not afraid.

Jenn Yarborough

P.S. I love you my cuddly kitty king!