Stuffed Animal Collection: A letter to the King

Dear Sher Con,

You have thought me crazy because I view you as a cuddly kitty. You want me to see you as Ferocious. I am sorry, but I don’t. You are honorable, strong, courageous, kingly, and able to deal out just punishments to those who break Jungle law.

All these are good things, but they do not make me afraid of you. I respect you for them but I don’t have a reason to fear you. I know you’d not harm any who’ve not broken jungle law. I have always respected and honored the law of the Jungle.

I once watched a movie, called The Ghosts in the darkness. It was based in Africa – away from the Jungles on the plains. Two lions broke Jungle law. They hunted for sport, and as a pair. They were … possessed. There was no king to put them in their place. – Devils they were called by my kind. – Finally there was one of my kind called to aid in killing these brothers, these feline Devils. They were the definition of ferocious, and not in a good way. After witnessing the slaughter of so many of my kind, I cannot look at ferociousness in a good way. Besides – I think you possess every quality – except maybe fear – that the heroes of my kind who dealt justice in the end possess.

I have a heart full of compassion, so could never look at an honorable king like you with anything but love. And I know you love your people so I am not afraid.

Jenn Yarborough

P.S. I love you my cuddly kitty king!

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