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Stuffed Animal Collection: George

George is my name, but don't be fooled. I am not anything like that human clown who's always swinging into a tree! I am more like King Kong, though I am not a king. I prefer it that way. Don't think that because I'm not a king I'm not strong or can not be a leader. Quite the opposite. I am very strong, and should the need ever arise would be among the greatest of leaders. I simply prefer to let Sher Con rule; he likes it, and is honorable. I have my roles as husband and father to spend time in. --
I hope none of you are racest, because my wife is the smartest and most talented chimp-monk there is. she's 3/4 chimpanzee and 1/4 monkey, and she's beautiful. Her name is Becky. I'm all gorrilla on the outside, - strong and courageous - but my heart turned to mush when I met this dazzling beauty. I just had an overwhelming and uncontrolable desire to love and care for her, and protect her. I soon found out she didn't need my protection; she was far to sma…

Stuffed Animal Collection: Becky

Let me introduce myself. My name is Becky. I am a chimpanzee, um, with about 1/4 monkey on my mothers side - that's how I got a tail. My great grandpa was an orphan and wandered into a chimp village  where my great great auntie adopted him. he was very smart for a monkey, and he learned the chimpanzee way of intelligence and lifetime learning pretty early on. - I wanted you to know that so you wouldn't think I was just another dumb monkey, or that I had somehow inherited illiteracy or stupidity from that side of my ancestry.
If anything, because of my tail, and my smarts combined  I can jump and swing farther than most monkeys  and climb higher than most chimps.  I use my brainpower to compute velocity and angles, etc. for the jumping and swinging, and my tail helps me balance and reach higher limbs; I like to see the better and more beautiful views.
 I'm an artist, and most of my peers haven't seen the views I've seen, so I tried to paint them. I've always enj…