Stuffed Animal Collection: George

George is my name, but don't be fooled. I am not anything like that human clown who's always swinging into a tree! I am more like King Kong, though I am not a king. I prefer it that way. Don't think that because I'm not a king I'm not strong or can not be a leader. Quite the opposite. I am very strong, and should the need ever arise would be among the greatest of leaders. I simply prefer to let Sher Con rule; he likes it, and is honorable. I have my roles as husband and father to spend time in. --
I hope none of you are racest, because my wife is the smartest and most talented chimp-monk there is. she's 3/4 chimpanzee and 1/4 monkey, and she's beautiful. Her name is Becky. I'm all gorrilla on the outside, - strong and courageous - but my heart turned to mush when I met this dazzling beauty. I just had an overwhelming and uncontrolable desire to love and care for her, and protect her. I soon found out she didn't need my protection; she was far to smart.
In the end I had to woo her with gifts, and still do. she blesses me abundantly in return. --

I have just been informed that I'm supposed to be introducing me, not my wife, who already introduced herself, but I guess you can tell there is nothing I like to talk about more than my stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, smart, sweet, and extraordinarily talented wife. And it would sound arrogant to me to tell about my "charm, strength and good looks." - her words and a few of the reasons she says she agreed to marry me. So maybe I'll tell of my other interests if I'm given a second chance at this. If not I'm sure Becky will tell you more about me. George of Sher Con's Jungle signing of.

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