Stuffed Animal Collection: Becky

Let me introduce myself. My name is Becky. I am a chimpanzee, um, with about 1/4 monkey on my mothers side - that's how I got a tail. My great grandpa was an orphan and wandered into a chimp village  where my great great auntie adopted him. he was very smart for a monkey, and he learned the chimpanzee way of intelligence and lifetime learning pretty early on. - I wanted you to know that so you wouldn't think I was just another dumb monkey, or that I had somehow inherited illiteracy or stupidity from that side of my ancestry.
If anything, because of my tail, and my smarts combined  I can jump and swing farther than most monkeys  and climb higher than most chimps.  I use my brainpower to compute velocity and angles, etc. for the jumping and swinging, and my tail helps me balance and reach higher limbs; I like to see the better and more beautiful views.
 I'm an artist, and most of my peers haven't seen the views I've seen, so I tried to paint them. I've always enjoyed it so when I met my friend Jenn Yarborough, and left to stay in her stuffy pal collection, I continued to draw and paint. She's quite the creative sort; and I don't think she's at all crazy, like Sher Con says; she's just misunderstood. Happens a lot to us creative folk. We've become good friends and often paint together; or dabble in various other crafts. It's a lot of fun.
-- Well I guess that will be all for now; Jenn said we each only get a page at first. Once everyone is introduced, we can have updates as we write them.... Bye for now!!!!

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