Stuffed Animal Collection: Sher Con

Hi. My name is Sher Con. I am a ferocious tiger. Got that? Ferocious TIGER! I'm not some cuddly kitty. One of my people has a hard time with that. - I give her a small amount of tolerance only because I think she may be slightly crazy. In the jungle when that happens all the other animals tend to give the crazy one a wide berth.
My other person gets that I'm ferocious  and could rip you to shreds in a matter of minutes. He has respect for the ferocity of felines, and especially the larger wild cats, and he knows better than to under estimate a tiger. I am Sher Con, King of Tigers! He does not mess with me. From this respect he has shown to me, we have developed a mutual liking of one another, but I shall never understand his choice of mates. - Yep, you guessed it, he chose that crazy human female I mentioned earlier as his mate. Weird!
Anyway more about me. Like I said I am King of Tigers. My name Sher Con in some humans language means exactly that: King of Tigers. Perhaps because every tiger king worth his salt has taken Sher Con as his title. It just sounds Fierce, and that's how a tiger becomes king of tigers - by being fierce.
Some of you may have watched a popular movie called Jungle Book.  I'd like to correct something that could be a bit misleading  - at the end when Mowgli faces off with Sher Con, there are only 2 reasons why he doesn't kill or maim him. Because Mowgli showed now fear, he was Sher Con's equal - Sher Con considered him King of humans. The other reason is because he showed respect to the jungle and jungle laws. Because of that no jungle king will harm him.
-- Well I guess that's enough for now. Look for more posts by me for updates and more about my story. - In between you'll probably hear from some of the other creatures of my Jungle.

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