Friday Funday Introduced

When I first started this blog, I guess I really didn't have much of a direction other than I wanted to talk about art, and my life as an artist and crafts person. - The people I've met, or anything else that could be of some interest to the creative world.
My goals in this have been two fold - First to provide my readers with interesting and or entertaining material to read with their morning orange Juice - since I hate coffee! - Sorry had to throw that in there. And second to gennerate traffic that may or may not provide a small - very small infact - income for myself and my family. I am after all a typical "Starving Artist" - A lucky one who always has a full belly thanks to a wonderful hubby who works to pay the bills.
   In the interests of being able to write more blogs for my readers, I have come up with Friday Funday, the second part of a two part blog.  The first part on my facebook FanPage Notes is Work Wednesday, and is about the Business side - Planning, Marketing, Financials, Not the fun part - Manufacturing Ie: - The Art.
   So to kick off here's the latest Fun:  Since you have to have lots of art work and unique paintings to hope to create a following of collectors and fans, I did some crative brainstorming of ideas for what to paint.  I want to capitalize on my strengths: Uniqueness, eco friendly, Functional Art, Flexibility, creative. So since I love animals of all sorts, I started a list of all the ones I could think of off the top of my head, and I"ve come up with sixty, including some mytyical  creatures some of which I have already painted onto my drink coasters designs and listed for sale. Even sold one (locally) - Yay me! Now time to go Create more!

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