A Friend I Met @ Etsy

Jennie's Cousin Modeling Jennie's wrist warmers.

 So I've been Working this past week on my brand new Team "Jenns of Etsy" and one of the first members to Join Jenphan has become my good friend. I wanted to introduce her to you! Her name is Jennie, (see photo on Left) and she is an amazing crochet artist.  She learned from her mom over summer in High School. 
She is now working on her BA in Child and Adolescent Development and she takes her Crochet with her to class (working between note taking and class work of course). One of her friends gave her the nick name "The Crocheting Machine", probably cause of taking her Crochet to class! lol (I've no room to talk I've taken my Knitting to the Plasma Center when I go to Donate!) you can tell she's passionately enjoying her Crochet work, from how she hasn't put her Crochet hook down since she picked up the "hobby" again last Christmas eve!  I definitely think the name fits! and what an excellent Business Name it's made!
Looking through her Etsy shop, Jenphan, gave me the feeling of home with my mom on the couch crocheting something or another. (my mom has made me a blanket) So I know from experience how warm and cuddly crochet items can be! Add in the handmade element, and all the love and time put into it and the value just skyrockets! Every stitch is a stitch of love, and that is Guaranteed to keep you warm, inside and out!

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