JennFamousArt Artfire studio store inventory expantion

I have a studio store on Artfire, an online marketplace, called JennFamousArt.  I am in the process of building up and expanding JennFamousArt's inventory.  My first goal is to reach an expanded inventory of 100 items. Working from a home studio which is cramped and nothing more than a fold out chair, a tv dinner table, and a laundry basket with a lid which serves double duty, stores my supplies, and I put the paints I'm currently using on top for easy access and reach. I paint figurines, or watercolor paintings from photographs I've taken over the years.  I then take photos of my work, and with my camera and small laptop computer in hand, I walk or ride my bycycle, or the bus to the library so I can go online to expand JennFamousArt's shop listings on Artfire.  If this Artfire shop, JennFamousArt, is interesting to you and you would like to help with my studio and store expantion efforts feel free to Shop or

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