Search engine optimization.

First you have to know what you want to do. For me that's not all that easy, but at the same time it's not difficult. I've always known I want to be an artist, and I've always loved to paint.

Next you brainstorm keywords that relate to what you want to do. Paint pictures, Artistry, color, murals. Those should be good, but the more specific you can get the better. I like animals and painting them is fun. I especially love wildlife, including squirils, chipmunks, deer, rabbits, Canadian Geese, and ducks, so those might be better keywords for me.

now that you have a list of keywords, you have a vocabulary assignment. Just like in grade school when you had to use each (keyword) in a sentance, only this time come up with several sentances, and use the (keyword) in different forms too.

Canadian geese remind me of home. When I was young the geese used to gather by the hundreds every year before they migrated south. I suppose Canadians would say the same thing, because the Canadian Geese live throughout the whole region from alaska's west cost to Canada's east and they all migrate to southern regions where it's not so cold in winter.

Notice how I've repeated my keywords both together as one keyword and separate as individual keywords. I get more points in the seach engines for that! I could posibly have used different names for the same animal, but I don't get as many ponts to boost my search engine ranking. If I vary the keywords, even if I'm staying on subject, google wont know! The most google search can do with keywords is tell that canada and canadian are similar in subject matter and so both give me points. If i were to call the geese by their scientific name only once, that keyword would not boost my ranking as much. If I were to use it instead of the other keywords, and just as often, I would get the same points for the keyword usage, but who searches with the scientific name? So it is best to use a common name, like Canadian or Brown geese. (I happen to like Canadian Geese as the term because it's what I'm used to)

Now since I've stuffed this entire post full of keywords totally off the subject at hand - Google search engine optimization - how about a picture of some Canadian geese to liven your day! Enjoy and don't stress SEO too much, it's always changing anyway!

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