Blog to be re-purposed and previous posts Deleted

This blog is being re-purposed as a handmade shop and creative Idea board. starting on Jan 7, 2013 when I get back from a week vacation to see my mom I will be adding one item every day. (one post) from now until then I am preparing posts to auto publish. when I have a creative burst I will share those, and reschedule the product posting scheduled for the following day(s).
all previous posts including this one will be removed on Jan 30, 2013.  By this time I hope to have this blog cleaned up and looking good with few links to my social media. sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If I have previously done a feature with your products or about your shop, I would be glad to redo, but with more of an creative gift idea twist. you can simply Email me to let me know. (please include some story of your process and/or where you get your ideas)

Thanks and Happy Holidays

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