Stuffed Animal Collection: Jenn commits treason.

Dear Friends,
Although Sher Con has claimed the pumpkin dish cloth I have made as his blanket, and has indicated that more will be made for his "Throne room" guests, and distributed to the poor at the service auction, I would like you all to know I haven't forgotten you. I have been creating patterns and detailed instructions for these dish cloth "Blankets" so you can make some for yourselves and your friends and family. Also what does not make it to the auction, will be put on sale, regardless of if the king needs them for his "Throne room". they are my hand knit creations, and no cuddly kitty, King or otherwise is going to stop me from selling MY stuff.
as the patterns are created I will be preparing to list them for sale as digital files through my handmade art and craft shop on etsy.
If you have a particular Idea, and would like to know if I could make it into a pattern, or would just like me to make it, please send me a message on Facebook, or email me with the detailed request.
so far I have a pumpkin a jack o lantern a Christmas tree a present a flag a star a turkey a witch a heart with love in the center, a ring with 4 ever in the middle a leaf a clover (3 leaf)
all of these have been drawn out, but need to be digitalized, and the instructions written. I write as I make the product so the pattern instructions can be precise. I hope you will all enjoy. As always any questions or comments are welcome  Email, Facebook, or Twitter

PS. If it's treason to sell my stuff when the King needs it, Then I will definitely commit treason. (I may have to knit for you all from Sher Con's prison. lol!

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