The Facebook Dilemma

     Yea, I've been on facebook with a profile page for a little over a year. For a while, it was bringing in views for my etsy. I liked having a profile page, especially because I didn't have to spam my friends with what was going on in my shop. They could find that info by a simple click on my profile page under my etsy tab. Recently, facebook decided it was inefficient for business, so they put the word out that they would be deleting them from profiles, and instead to create a fan page. Ok, so I made a fan page, but I doubt that it will be effective due to my lack of a sufficient amount of fans. I'm struggling with the SEO stuff, and don't really know how to talk about my art. When I socialize on facebook, groups, and stuff, the  links will still go to my profile page. I guess it will be about two years before my fan page is built up like my profile page. I have 200 friends, but only 15 fans. My dilemma is; How do I teach myself how to make my fan page posts effective without sounding spammy? And how to do it while learning more about SEO and marketing presentation. Then there's the problem of having time to create and fill my shop as well as job searching, and other things I need to accomplish. Not to mention keeping up with this blog every week.
     I sometimes feel overwhelmed... But the beauty of being self employed is that I can come up with a solution that won't get shot down by a boss, and told I can't do that. (As long as it's within the terms of use of my sites.)
     One idea I'm tossing around; If I can teach hubby to upload my pics, how to type my blogs, and how to list products, I can easily dictate the info needed while I am painting or crafting. Let him worry about SEO. All I'd have to do is respond to messages.
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