My Friend's Betta Fish - Painting (in Progress)

I have a friend who loves Betta fish. (also known as Chinese Fighting Fish) He has seven, and is always looking at more. I think it may be kinda catchy too, as hubby has three, which he acquired after we started hanging with our friend.  Hubby's taking care of one for me, (I tend to kill fish) which I named Sapphire.  We went over to our friends house for a visit, and I took my acrylic pad (for acrylic paintings) and decided to do a sketch of Snow Wolf, our friend's Veil tail Betta. 
Snow wolf is housed in a half gallon cube tank, with a dragon pattern background, and a grass like plant (fake).  He is white with a little bit of red violet across the top, and a hint of blue green hues in his tail. He was purchased at half price, because of near fatal illness, which our friend cured quite easily with expert care. Snow Wolf is now happy and healthy, and has lived a year and a half since his recovery, and is expected to live to a ripe old Betta age of 3. (they have a short lifespan).  Betta's are very beautiful with a wide range of colors, and no two are exactly alike. so this painting should be very fun for me, and I will probably do many more like it with different colors for the Betta's  and possibly even changing up the plant's and tank style. (our friend has several different types of tanks). I definitely want to do one of Sapphire in his coffee pot tank (hubby rewired it to turn on a light since the heating element was on the Fritz) the actual pot is brand new (never put a Betta in something that has been used or had soap in it -to wash) to quote my friend "luke warm water NO SOAP"

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