I just got some Watercolor Colored pencils

this is the first thing I did with my new pencils. (it's not finnished yet) I started it in the car on the way home! all that's left to do is use water to make it look all soft and watercolor painting ish. I took a pic and posted it to my facebookFanPage it would appear that I'm starting a watercolor pencil obsession... last month it was knitting I made several scarves and have listed a few in my ArtfireShop I will be adding more as I find the time.  I've been away for a while, mostly because new internet arangements... um ie get it at the Library or taco bell or other Free wi fi connection places around town instead of at my own home.... it's been rough.... but I guess I'm just a survivor.... I've survived w/ no phone, even no electric for about a month or two... no internet is no big deal... Library's only a mile away... and weather is getting nicer so if I can just fix my bycycle tire it'll be a sinch to get here.... oh yeah... don't let me forget to get a bycycle lock!!!! so anyway... I aim to start this blogging thing a bit more regular again... especially since I'm volunteering at the library and going to be here anyway.. least for a few hours / week.

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