Watercolor BIBLE?

This past week I've been reading a book by Joe Garcia, a watercolor painter.  That's one of his paintings on the left. The book is called "The Watercolor Bible"  It was written in 2006, so it is fairly current.  It gets down to all the little details watercolor artists need to know, but one thing I noticed: it barely mentioned watercolor pencils!  I was rather dissapointed by this at first, but after reading further I found that while the watercolor pencils are slightly different, the same techniques and general rules still apply. There were many exsamples with detailed explanations throught the 8 sections, from materials and supplies, collecting and recording ideas for paintings, composition, Drawing and painting techniques and properties, Color and special effects, even demonstrationss of popular subjects. It was easy to understand, and really helpful, and I came away inspired and full of ideas.  Perhaps I'll show you some in later blogs!  I willdefinately be checking out the website for more North Light Art Instructions Books, to at least find titles to check out from the Library! - I may even end up buying this book If I can find it at a good price!

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