Stuffed Animal Collection: Becky's Flower Art

Hi everybody!  Summers almost over! And guess what?! we did it, Jenn and I did it! between the two of us we managed to draw every single flower in the whole jungle! There were 100's! Jenn says there may be a few winter blooms but we don't need to worry so much about that 'cause very few flower types bloom in the colder winter months. Those we can take a leisurely pace with drawing.
 I'm relieved 'cause running around the Jungle drawing every day has been exhausting! But now we have all the flowers drawn, and Jenn says soon we'll be able to share them all with everybody in an e-book
I've suggested in the meantime we could share with all of you one at a time - we still have to convert our drawings to computer files - And even got permission from the king to have biweekly "Flower and Verse" posts.
Sher Con Said his people could use a little hope and encouragement as we head into winter and colder months. Whatever that means! I'm happy to share my drawings if it brings some of you springtime cheer.
I am definitely
excited, Jenn has already converted some of our drawings and started a "Consider the lilies Scripture Art" postcard print series on Zazzle, and says once Joe and George get them all matted we can take pictures and list them for sale on etsy!  It will be so fun to see them mailed off to our Friends!

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