Stuffed animal Collection: Einstein on a Dogsled Team

Hello again, it is I Einstein.  I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, and the dog sled team I am part of.
A dog team will usually consist of about 9 dogs; 2 wheel dogs who have great strength, 6 runners who have endurance, and one smart lead dog with keen senses and loyalty to both the pack and man-employer. our team is somewhat different in it's configuration, and extremely different in breeds. we lack the 9th lead dog, but because of our unique difference, we don't need a lead. A man-employer usually puts a single dog at the front, and that shows the rest of the dogs that he or she has been chosen as the smartest and best leader.
Our team has small and large dogs, so we've been put into teams. One Large, one small, side by side. This allows the small dogs on the team to look to my partner, puggles, to lead them, without being terrified. A leader should not invoke fear, but respect.  Puggles is a stout, little pug with a keen sense of smell and a big heart. She loves to run and is quick, which is encouraging to the other small dogs on our team.
Aside from a great leader, or in our case two great leaders, the most important position is the wheel dogs. For that Job we have Gus, and Goliath. Don't let his size fool you, Goliath is every bit as big as his name.
Chance, Floppy, Scooby and Star are all in the middle. when the team first assembled Scooby was tested as co leader since he's really smart, but apparently he's to skittish to be in front.
Well that is everyone. Periodically they will be stopping in to tell more about themselves. Until next time, adieu.

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