Stuffed Animal Collection: Sher Con (and a nervous Chi Chi)

Um, err, Hello. - is that right? -
-Ugg - Yes, Just talk to them.
But, what should I say?
Oh Nevermind, I'll do it this time, and you listen, you'll get a chance next time.

Greatings My people! This is Chi Chi. (say hello)
He has kindly agreed to deliver news of the kingdom, and address you when I can not, regarding any new regulations, or moral reminders on the finer details of Jungle Law.
It's starting to get colder, and winter is on it's way, so I am beginning to gather blankets to my throne room, such as this very festive if not quite long enough pumpkin design.
-It's not supposed to be your blanket- it's a DISH CLOTH! -
I won't hold that against you just make the next one bigger -But... - Now off, back to work. - Sigh, Oh well. -
I will need full cooperation to gather enough so all in this great kingdom can be warm while they await an audience with myself, or my chief commander, Chi Chi.
Also some are being gathered for the poor, and will be distributed at the upcoming service auction. Chi Chi will be there as my representative and will make full report on how many were served, and if there are any more needs to prepare the kingdom for winter.
I know many of you are busy gathering your harvests, and preparing your food storage, but I would like to ask you, if you like Becky and Jenn's Flower and Verse posts, to please comment and share them, as not everyone is awake at the same time. (some of your more nocturnal friends and family may have missed the update.)
You have a Kings gratitude, and thanks, for your time, efforts, and cooperation.
Have a Bountiful Harvest!

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