Stuffed Animal Collection: Chi Chi Reports

Mom & Kid who won the snow man
Photo by Chi Chi
Um hi, My name is chi chi. I'm here on behalf of the King, Sher Con the Great, to report on the service auction I went to.
 There was a great turnout, and everyone seemed to be having fun. I couldn't tell for sure as someone forgot to inform me it was a ladies only event and I had to hide in Jenn's purse! --
You should have just told them you were there on My business; they would have let you in, and probably given you a grand seat too!
Well anyway I was not informed and I'm still new to the job of being your royal messenger, so I did not know all that. you should have told me what to do to get in.--
On to the report. I listened close and even took notes on what I heard. There were many great service crafts auctioned including four of the King's "blankets" courtesy of Jenn and Becky. In fact there were so many great crafts that Becky's handknit blankets had to be auctioned in pairs. They were calling them table savers, Becky and Jenn say they're dishcloths, and Sher Con said they are blankets. I am NOT going to argue with the king so I'm calling them blankets. One pair went for $140 service $ and the other for $180. There was banana bread that went for $300 - that was good! I got some when we got home 'cause Jenn and Becky won it. Joy Rolls went for $1100. I hear those are really awesome good. A pumpkin and flower wreath went for $700 and a baby blanket for $2000. A set of cloth pumpkins for $600 and a purple hat the auctioneer won for $500.
A character hat from went for another $500 service $ but the thing that got all the bids at the end, was a snowman. I poked my head out and snapped this picture of a great mom who won it for her little boy. It sold for a grand total of $6000 service $$! (of course all of mom's friends were helping her bid).
All in all it was a great time and that little boy was definitely happy to get the snowman. Hope you enjoyed my report, if you have any questions or comments leave them at the bottom and I will try to answer as best I can, or I'll refer them to Sher Con the Great.
On behalf of the King, "Be prosperous and happy"

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