Stuffed Animal Collection: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the jungle.... creatures were stirring.... and scurried about. They poked and prodded the hard frozen ground, pawed at roots, or pecked branches and trunk. All looked about for a morsel or two; 't would bring them all cheer.
'twas a cold winter night and not a cookie was left; Santa if he came would find not a snack, for in the wild jungle a lump of coal would be good for a fire and warmth. And perhaps a roast goose, or a duck would fill all the empty tummies, that otherwise starve.
Oh Santa, for us in the jungle so wide, carve not a doll or a train, but a great roast beast and vegetables for a side. Make for us a Christmas feast, and not a single toy. For us a full tummy would bring greatest joy, and let this pass to all nations blinded by greed, Santa, tell them: there are many starving children to feed. Bring them God's love, and a message to their heart, like the Grinch so long ago, Help them see the meaning of "Christmas" from the dawn of creation, to the worlds twilight end is: "To give the anointed" - our savior and friend. He paid the price for our pride and small grinchy hearts, with him in heaven we can all have parts. If we but carry this cross: Let this day be about Christ and the gift He gave, let us celebrate that, and love all mankind. Then as His disciples we too will rise from the Grave.

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